Our services

We offer two main services to students

Graduate and Undergraduate admission applications

We can help you with your graduate or
undergraduate school applications

​We provide support to individuals interested in applying for undergraduate or graduate studies, particularly in the US and UK. Our clients include applicants to different universities globally including applicants to the world's leading graduate and business schools, and universities. Many of our clients aiming to pursue postgraduate studies including for MBA and other Masters degrees are graduates of top universities worldwide.  Our services are PRIVATE and CONFIDENTIAL

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Essay writing and editing

We can help with your course requirements in school or university

We provide quality essay writing and editing services for various subjects (for example, business, management, finance, statistics, arts and sciences, nursing) for students globally.  Our clients include full-time students, part-time students (such as part-time Masters), and those in executive education (e.g. Executive MBA).  Our services are PRIVATE and CONFIDENTIAL.

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